NARHC 2014 Presentations

Addressing Post-Resettlement Needs in an Urban Setting by Anna Ireland

Challenges and Opportunities: Improving Quality of Care for Refugee Women by Crista Johnson-Agbakwu and Jeanne F. Nizigiyimana

Complex Collaborations: Public, Private and Non-profits Working (happily!) Together by Mary Younge

Failure to thrive in a Refugee Child by Anna Banerji

Follow the Leader: Supporting Refugee Efforts to Self-organize by Michael Boucher

The Healing of Healers: Challenges to Overcome the Effects of Stress, Trauma and Vicarious Tramatisation by Paul Boyle

Health Literacy and Self-management Strategies of Karen Government Assisted Refugees in Primary Care by Lynn Farrales and Nancy Clark

Laying Down New Roots: Connections between Community Gardening, Place and Well-being among a Bhutanese Refugee Population by Danielle Preiss

Piloting a Home Care Intervention for Refugee Populations by Sarah Miner and Stephanie Chalupa

A Pilot Protocol for Assessment of Health Needs and Evaluation of Public Health Interventions for U.S.-Bound Refugees by Tarissa Mitchell, Deborah Lee, and William Stauffer

The Refugee Health Partnership: A Longitudinal Patient Experience in Refugee Health in Preclinical Medical Students by Nick Cuneo, Casey Swegman, Rob Sellke, and Saami Khalifian

Responding to new challenges in the provision of health services to asylum seekers in Victoria, Australia by Jacquie McBride

Somatization in Refugees: An Overview by Aniyizhai Annamalai

Strategies for Promoting Emotional Wellness and Suicide Prevention among Bhutanese Refugees by Division of Refugee Health, Office of Refugee Resettlement