NARHC 2016 Presentations

Infectious Disease

Refugees and Hepatitis B – A Review for Primary Care Providers – Aleinikoff


Mental Health

Trauma-Informed Care for Refugees – Murakami

The Use of Yoga and Mindfulness Cards as a Brief Intervention for Headaches, Depression, Anxiety and Stress in a Pediatric Primary Care Refugee Clinic – Green

Conducting Trauma-Informed Research with Refugee Populations – Maximizing Support for Refugees, Service Providers, and Researchers – Weaver

Implementation of Standardized Refugee Mental Health Screening in Minnesota – Frerich

Mental Health Assessment in Resettled Refugee Communities – Novel Survey Technology and Wellbeing Constructs – Martin-Willett

Promoting Refugee Women’s Mental Health and Wellbeing – The International Rescue Committee in Atlanta – Spitz

Differential Predictors of Psychological Distress Among Vietnamese Refugees and Immigrants – Kim

The STAR-MH Screening Tool for Indentifying Mental Disorders in Asylum Seekers and New Refugees – Hocking

Helping the Helpers – Supervision and Support for Refugee Community Case Aides in South Philadelpia – Fulda

The Health and Well-Being of Foreign-Born Homeless Families Living in Ottawa’s Family Shelter System – Polillo

Yoga for Refugees Healing from Torture and Trauma – Begg


Migration and Settlement

Refugee Resettlement Patterns and State-Level Health Care Insurance Access in the US – Agrawal

The Experience of Refugees Assessing Health Care and Social Services in Calgary – A Health Care Providers Perspective – Garunia

The WNY Center for Survivors of Torture – Ongoing Initiatives with Client Based Care – Kefi

What are the Values and Preferences Towards Primary Health Care of Newly Arriving Migrants – A Discrete Choice Experiment – Ponce



Refugee Healthcare – Imagining our Future – Walker

East Africa US Resettlement – Focus on Current Issues and Process – Marano

Facing the Challenges of Culture and Acculturation in Refugee Health – A Workshop for Clinician’s – Geltman

Office of Refugee Resettlement – Overview and Perspective – Tota

The History of IOM and US Refugee Resettlement – Gushulak

From the Clinic to the Streets – Advocating for Refugee Populations – A Canadian Case Study – Rashid

Enhancing the Continuum of Care for US-Bound Refugees – CDC Update – Marano

Mind the Gap – Health Traditions of Refugees from Burma – Pughe


Models of Care

Effective Communication between Newcomer Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, their Families and Healthcare Providers-Systems around Diabetes Care – LeMaster

Shared Frustrations in Health Care Visits – Dyer

Transitional Refugee Health Clinic Focused on Health System Education Primary Care Integration and Community Partnerships – Valdman

Cross-Organizational Collaboration to Improve Connections Between Refugee Health Screening and Primary Care for New Arrival Refugees – Boyarsky

Developing an Interactive, Web-Based, Resource Map for Refugee Patients – Marlin




Happy, Health, and Wise – Promoting Integration and Well-being for Refugee Children and Youth in North America – Yun

Promoting Mental Wellbeing in Refugee Youth – Stein

Care Conferences and Shared Care Planning in Refugee Children with Special Health Care Needs – Weinberger

Perspectives on the Therapeutic Relationship Between Providers and Refugee Families who have a Child with a Developmental Disability – Pincus

Advancing the Care of Refugee Children with Developmental Delays or Disabilities – Kroening


Primary Care

Finding the Care in Health Care – A Community Approach to Refugee Health – Mantei

Iraqi Muslim Women’s Perspectives and Experiences of the Health Care Encounter – Penney

Barriers to Healthcare Access Among Karen Refugee Children Living in Houston Texas – Kaji


Program Development

Cultural Preparation for Healthcare Workers Serving Refugee Families – Edmunds

Kentucky Refugee Outreach Program – A Program Plan for Refugee Health Education – MeNore

Strategies for Promoting Cross Sector Collaboration in Increase Health Access and Improve Health Outcomes for Newly Arrived Refugees – Nguyen

Refugee Clinic Development – DiVito

The Firehouse Model – Developing a Community Health Worker Program – Marlin


Research and Education

Transitioning from RHIN to HealthReach – Health Information in Many Languages from the National Library of Medicine – Gould-Kabler

Creating a Student-Run Asylum Program – Service, Capacity Building and Refugee Health – Mishori

Medical Evaluation of Asylum Seekers – McKenzie

Developing Partnerships for Research and Evaluation – Dawson -Hahn

Implementation of a Refugee Clinic within a Family Medicine Residency Program – Walden

Med School Goes to War – Using an Online Game to Teach About Survival During Conflict – Mishori

Comprehensive Refugee Health Surveillance in Philadelphia – A combined Resettlement and Clinical Patient Registry – Payton

Developing Public Health Preparedness Education and Trainings for Refugee Populations Using the PERIE Model – Hough

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of the Refugee Health Literacy Program R-HeLP – Boateng

Updating the Estimate of Refugees Resettled in the United States Who Have Suffered Torture – A Meta Analysis – Vukovich

Understanding and Responding to Harmful Alcohol Use in a Resettled Refugee Community – Simmelink-McCleary

Health Practices and Interactions with the US Healthcare System Experienced by Bhutanese Refugees – A Model for Community Engagement with Resettled Refugees – Szajna



Hepatitis C Screening and Prevalence Among Primary Refugees Resettling in the US 2010-2015 – Volkman

Clinical Quality Measures of Newly Arriving Refugees in Utah – Allkhenfr

Examination of Functional Health Literacy in Adult Refugees Within 90 Days of Resettlement – Custer


Vaccines and Prevention

We All Speak Garden – Creating a Community Garden Model to Deliver Nutrition Education, Improve Access to Safe Soils for Gardening, and Enhance Neighborhood Integration – Bullwinkle

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Adolescent Bhutanese Refugee Females – Dhar


Women’s Health

Barriers and Facilitators to Cervical Cancer Screening in Middle Eastern Refugee Women Resettled in Philadelphia – A Qualative Analysis of Patient and Provider Perceptions – Payton

If God Wills It – Routine Screening for Pregnancy Intention Among Immigrants and Refugees in two Federally Qualified Health Centers – Kvach

Perspectives of Health Professionals about Refugee and Migrant Women’s Access and Utilization of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care in Australia – A Q-Methodological Study – Mengasha

Intensive Case Management for Women and Families At-Risk – Outcomes, Challenges, and Opportunities – Rabbaa